The inspiration for my art is in the objects that I  find. I collect things. I gather old objects, cast aside, no longer seen as useful, yet still with a certain beauty. You can find many of them placed around my studio - sitting on a shelf, hanging on a wall, or center-stage on my desk. Not yet art, I study them, waiting for them to speak to me, not in the real sense of course, but they do speak. And when they do, that is when I create my best art.

I love natural materials - wood, iron, brass, copper, leather. They acquire a certain dignity with age. Woods wear and darken. Iron rusts. Brass and copper tarnish. Leather gets soft and worn. I am fortunate to receive inspiration from these old, inanimate objects, these relics from the past.

Often whimsical,  sometimes political or social, these cast-off creations help me tell a story in my art, usually with a nudge and a wink. 

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