Some time ago, stilll working a full-time job, I fell in love with fabric  and began with clothes-making and quilts.  Quilting especially started a love of design, color and texture. I received a much better, more modern sewing machine and I was off and running. Especially after I retired from the manufacturing job that I held for over thirty years, I was able to devote more of my time to the art of sewing. 
One of my oldest friends loved going to museums and art exhibits with me along, she inspired me with the impressionistic views of artists of the last and current era. With that experience, I was becoming more skilled at making art quilts, collages and quilt-like pieces. 
Since my retirement, I have continued to experiment with all types of art media. When I discovered Salem Arts Association in downtown Salem, it gave me the support and confidence that I needed to continue to grow.  ​​​​​​​
I enjoy experimenting with collages of all sorts with fabric being my primary medium. My art is mostly a version of abstract views of life and individual interpretations.  I believe abstract art is a view into the soul of the artist as much as any other media.  I love the geometric as well as the asymmetric shapes, sizes and colors of my artwork.

Mary Szeman Best

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