David Burr is a painter and educator whose work explores the relationship between growth and constraint, using the manipulation of plant structures as a visual metaphor for the impact of societal boundaries on personal development.

In 2015, David founded The Artist's Working, a journal dedicated to providing artists with a platform for publishing academic papers. This journal showcased numerous artists from the northeast over its short two year service.

Their 2017 solo exhibition, "Goliath," at Specialist in Seattle, featured innovative stop-motion videos created using Google Street View, addressing themes of confinement and exploration within digital spaces. In 2020, David was honored to participate in the LBIF "Works on Paper Show," juried by Sarah Suzuki, curator for prints and works on paper at MoMA.

Throughout their academic career, David has received several accolades recognizing their dedication and practice. Learning from artist Michael Swaine of the collective Future Farmers has been pivotal in David's artistic development, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and accessible experiences. Since 2020, David has brought this collaborative spirit to their teaching roles at Umass Dartmouth, the University of Washington, and Dean College, inspiring students to engage in a collaborative and interdisciplinary art practice.

They have partnered with Robyn Reed at Save the Harbor Save the Bay, hosting interactive experiences that merge environmental awareness with artistic practice. David frequently conducts experimental drawing workshops using handmade tools designed for group interaction, promoting community and shared creativity.

Through these diverse experiences, David encourages reflection on how societal structures influence personal growth. Their current work with resilient and adaptable potted plants serves as a symbol of the complex journey toward self-realization, underscoring the dynamic interplay between identity and environment. As an artist, David continues to explore and illuminate the intersections of personal identity and the spaces we inhabit.

Starting in 2024 David is currently accepting students for private individual lessons. 

Learn more here, https://www.dcburr.me/classes

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