Welcome! My name is Linda Mullen and I am the owner + creator of Grace & Diggs.

Along with teams of interns and collaborators, I design and create immersive environments, community art projects, and wearable art out of recycled materials. At the heart of each project are these questions: How can we create opportunities for people to interact with art in tangible ways; find ways for them to touch it, wear it, walk around in it, inhabit it?

We work entirely in recycled materials for many reasons, but one of the most delightful is that unexpected materials lead to unexpected results and artistic processes stay innovative and fresh.

We source materials from dumpsters, thrift stores, or by asking our community to save & donate specific trash items. This process allows plenty of room for participation and a happy result is that our work lends itself well to community-building  and placemaking activities.  We also consult on and design workshops for groups of all sizes and skill levels.

Projects by Grace & Diggs have been created for photographers, non-profits, schools, special event and marketing groups and have been used to explore thematic concepts, animate marketing strategies, and provide memorable photo ops for special events.

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